OXAWAY-EXTRATM - concentrated chemical cleaner
Cleans lime deposits , Rust, Scales, Stains,, Minerals Sediments Stains scum
Effective de-scaler for heat tranfer equipments
No heavy agitation required
Reduces clean up costs
Economical , dilution up to 1:10 parts with water
Deep Penetrating action
Cleans lime deposits, rust, scales, stains,, mineral sediments and scum
Effective on most metal surfaces including brass and copper
Easy to use and Versatile
Economical , dilutes up to 10 parts with water
Special wetting agents dissolve tough carbonates that holds deposit together
Ideal for cleaning mixing trucks , heat exchanger equipment, condensers, brass and copper tubing, boliers, masonry application like removal of excess concrete from new brickwork, mortar and lime scale, mineral deposits in fountains ect..
Safe to Handle for end-user