AQL NC 9000 PLUSTM - Oxidising-Biocide

Benefits: AQL NC 9000 PLUS is a DBNPA base new generation biocide, extremely effective in controlling all the microbiological foulants like slime, fungi and bacteria. AQL NC 9000 PLUS is effective for the control of cellulose degrading, sulfate reducing and iron bacteria, all of which are slime producing.  Its latest formulation ensures ‘sudden death’ for all slime-producing microbes in the system.  This unique property makes it ideal for being used during the shock dose, which follows every wash-up and boilout.

DESCRIPTION:  AQL NC 9000 PLUS is a US EPA registered micro biocide containing
DBNPA 20% base. It is a liquid product for use in controlling slime-forming bacteria,
Sulfate-reducing bacteria and algae.

PRODUCT DOSAGE:  Badly fouled air washers, recirculating and once through cooling
tower, should be cleaned before treatment.  AQL NC 9000 PLUS can be used on an
intermittent (Slug dose) schedule or a continuous feed schedule.

For specific dosage information on evaporative condensers, hydrostatic sterilizers and
retorts, pasteurizers and warmers, consult the EPA registered product label.

METHOD OF FEED: Feed the product directly from the container into the tower
basin, distribution deck or recirculating line.  When feeding into the recirculating line,
use a high-volume electronic metering pump and time clock.

SYSTEM OPERATING PARAMETER: Follow the same parameters as outlined for cooling tower treatments.

PRODUCT CONTROL PARAMETERS: AQL NC 9000 PLUS is effective in cooling water systems having both acidic and alkaline conditions and hence increased dosages must be added. It is preferred for its instability in water as it quickly kills bacteria and then degrades to ammonia and bromide ions. Please contact AQUALINE engineering for recommendation.


Appearance : Clear Liquid
Specific gravity (70*F) : 1.10
pH @ 100% : < 3.0
Boiling point (*F) : 222 – 238
Evaporation rate : 0.1